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Google has rated back links as its number one criteria for page ranking.

How it works:
Very easy, you place the BC On The Web URL on your business website home page, which creates a back link that Google and other search engines see as important to the search index value of your site. The your business URL is listed here on BC On The Web to complete the back link.

With BC On The Web listed and back linked with every other site we build or advertise creates a large network through which your business can be found on every other site we list. That is the power of a "Relevant" back link Network.

Here is what to do:
To join the network, create a link on your business website on the HOME page that looks like this: Advertised With BC On The Web
The URL to use is:
We also recommend adding this link to the bottom of your contact page as well.

You add the following logo and link it to:


To List with BC On The Web:
You may use your PayPal account or Credit Card to Subscribe. Be sure to add your business website URL to the listing form.

Your annual fee is $250.00 and we will list you under your community and the appropriate business category. If you do not see your category or community listed yet, just shoot
us an email and we'll create one for you.

Just as simple as that!

PayPal will always keep your contact and banking information private and secure.

There is simply not a better way to strengthen your business website and advertise across the province.

You have an option to UnSubscribe if you so desire:

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